Height Revolution by Dr. O. P. Bagga
About Therapy

Height under New Focus :

Herbo-Height-Therapy, Honored with Award for its new focus and positive performance contrary to the medical opinion for further height growth even after natural-height-stop. This Therapy speaks that natural stop is not total-stop, but it is a premature-halt with due scope remains in adormant state in human body waiting to be matured further with natural aid and process anytime during the youth-plus upto 35 years or till around the capacity exist. This portion of height is also free from Age bar, Height bar, Growth bar, Marriage bar, Issue bar but not the Capacity bar in the body. A new chapter in medical history.

Tall and Total Height :

Before the effect of puberity prevails at about 7-8-9 years, one course of Herbo- Height-Therapy if consumed as height and health tonic, remove the deficiencies of height-mechanism and to improve the efficiency of the system which does not allow to go slow-sluggish-stop earlier than the proper maturity and helps to gain tall and total values of height with dynamic personality. After puberity, height can't go beyond the capacity of the body around 5 to 10 cms in about 1 year or more. A short-cut natural process to maintain the personality of present and future generation. Personality is honoured everywhere'.

Reasons to Believe :

Herbo-Height-Therapy has created positive history against the negative opinion of medical world and has Honoured with Award for its positive performance even after natural-height- stop. This Time-Tested concept is in the service of mankind for about 40 years with more than 50 thousand its beneficiary to its credit. Efficiency of this claim has not been proved false on various challenges on Judicial, Consumer, Demo test. That is first of its kind in the history of herbal science. Though not believable, but true.

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