Height Revolution by Dr. O. P. Bagga
About Therapy

Reasons to Believe :

Height under New Focus :


  * Basic-Height stands for height by birth + height by birth-plus.
  * Normal-Height stands for height with food process + herbal doses

  1. This height is a due capacity and is free from age bar, height bar, growth bar, marriage bar,       issue bar but not the capacity bar in the body during youth-plus upto 35 years.
  2. Height growth may fluctuate under plus and minus status of the body but results is       positive. No reaction, No restriction, No exercise.
  3. Herbo-Height-Therapy stands for positive results anywhere in the world, but to avoid       controversies it requires mutual confirmation of height before starting the package.
  4.This is first of its kind in the history of herbal science, never imagined before.

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