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1. How Height is positive in herbal-life, negative in medical world after natural stop ?

A- Herbo-Height-Therapy, Honored with Award for its new focus and positive performance contrary to the medical opinion for further height growth even after natural-height-stop. This Therapy speaks that natural stop is not total-stop, but it is a premature-halt with due scope remains in adormant state in human body waiting to be matured further with natural aid and process anytime during the youth-plus upto 35 years or till around the capacity exist. This portion of height is also free from Age bar, Height bar, Growth bar, Marriage bar, Issue bar but not the Capacity bar in the body. A new chapter in medical history.

Height is known as natural process and normally it refuses to increase further at female dates, at male beard, at bone-fusion in a natural course. Further there is no scope, no remedy. This has been confirmed by the medical world. If this declaration is true to its norms, how height can increase further ? Height increase is positive and confirm- ed. So in this context, medical opinion is an incomplete and one sided study ignoring the value of alternative sciences.

  • On the herbal front, a portion of height values remains due in every human body at the time of natural stop and is further explorable anytime during the youth-plus upto 35 years and around till the capacity exist in the body about 5 to 10 cms. more under plus and minus status of the body with natural-aid in natural course. This portion being due capacity is free from age bar, height bar, growth bar, marriage bar, issue bar but not the capacity bar in the body with no Reactions, Restrictions and Exercises.
  • Time-tested positive concept of Herbo-Height-Therapy is perhaps first of its kind in the history of medical science.

—Dr. O.P.Bagga


2. How Height remains Short ?

A- Height-Growth also suffers from deficiencies of environment feed (Desh-Kal-Vatavaran) irrespective of gene-base values or age-base values in the same family. Such as elder remains short and younger grows tall. Parents short : Children tall, Children short : Parents tall. Americans - Africans Tall : Chinese - Japanese Short. Food habits, Living styles, Mental stress is also responsible for short height.

  • Apart from this, known natural-height-stop is not total stop, it is a pre- mature halt with capacity to gain further height. This being unknown to the medical world, almost every body is living with short height, despite of having capacity to live tall and total height in the body.

—Dr. O.P.Bagga


3. Is this Therapy is free from any side-effects ?

A- This time-tested Herbo-Height-Therapy is a herbal-base natural composition (non-hormonal) and is free from any side-effects and after effects. Besides this, it is in the service of mankind since about 4 decades with more than fifty thousands its beneficiaries, appreciated and Honoured with Award for its positive performances. In this context, observe the opinion of a foreign aspirant, Mrs. Serene of Singapore commenting the analysis report:

  • "I have also submit for analysis of the product and found to be natural with a small ppm percentage of lead and copper which is permissible".
    • In case of any doubt you may also go for analysis report: "Ingredients are not njurious to the human body". Then use it.

    —Dr. O.P.Bagga


4. How far exercises are helpful in height-growth after natural-height-stop?

A- Exercise is an external process to keep the body fit and active during the day just as a shirt turns smart and active after ironing and gives the wearer a smart and active look. After washing the shirt again it turns to a weary and shrinking look. Similar is the function of exercise after natural height stop.

  • Height represents lengthwise up-look which is not possible without the internal support of bonny system with natural process. After natural height stop, no external exercise or exerciser, creamy or oily applications are not of any help but it is wastage of time and money for height purpose. Exercise may helpful before the effect of puberty prevails in early age.

—Dr. O.P.Bagga


5. How Herbo-Height-Therapy came into existence?

A- Mind and Matter gives birth to a new creation when something accidentally or incidentally happened and that leads to the directions 'if this may happens that can also happens. Then step by step mind and matter moves towards the achievement. Ultimately Height known as impossible turns into possible even after natural stop. Door closed by medical world has opened by Herbo-Height-Therapy. A herbal blessing to the mankind..'

  • This is how H H Therapy came into existence. First of its kind in the history of herbal science perhaps. We feel proud of it and its performance. This is proved and confirmed under natural system of ayurveda.

—Dr. O.P.Bagga


6. Give some guidelines to gain fast and positive height growth ?

A- Height after height-stop does not increase further even a hair thread under medical opinion. On the contrary, H. H. Therapy stands for fast and positive height growth even after natural-stop without any special menu or any exercise. To avoid confusion, simply it requires micro care in routine check before and after the package. Because height is a micro growth subject neither visible nor measurable in routine scale check, it is not fool proof enough to maintain the required micro accuracy on fluctuated body.

  • On the other side, human body is imbalanced, curvy and fluctuated like stretch up and shrink in the body is not easily maintainable at required zero fluctuation for accurate check on every time.
    • Key concern of the subject is maximum accuracy on every check stands for full satisfaction. Loose, liberal and care free check can create confusion despite of positive result.
      • That is why we prefer to conduct the case under mutual confirmation of the height before starting the package to avoid the controversy in future, if any.

      —Dr. O.P.Bagga

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