Height Revolution by Dr. O. P. Bagga
About Therapy

Exceptional Benefits :

Height  remains  due  in human  body after    natural-height-stop and that is further explo-    rable with natural-aid anytime during youth-    plus upto 35 years and around till the capa-    city exist in the body which is about 5 to 10    cms or more in every human  body. That is    why  it  is  free  from  age  bar,  height  bar,    growth bar, marriage bar, issue  bar but not    the capacity bar in the body, never imagin-    ed before.

You   must  know  it  further  that  average    height growth ratio is about 2 to 3 cms in a    year and 2 to 3 mm in a month after deduc-    ting  the  basic  100 cms  from  the current    height. By this therapy, one would gain app-    roximately double of  the  growing capacity.

This  is  first  of  its  kind  in  the history of    herbal science and is free  from  reactions,    restrictions and exercises.

Additional Benefits :

Basically Herbo-Height-Therapy is a herbal-    base  natural tonic to remove the deficiency    and to  improve  the  efficiency  of the whole    system of the body as total health and body    care.

So  HHT also  helps  to improve health and    energy, mind and memory, complexion and    glow, shape up  the  figure and sharpen the    features,  remove  pimples  and  blemishes,    adding smart  and  attractive look. Further it    helps  to remove the female problems if any,    irregularities in dates and disorders and defi-    ciencies of bust lines to  bring in  normal    state of health. Over-weight or under-weight    or under-health turns to the normal values of    health.

The ratio one improves in height, proportion    one  gets  benefits  in the  body in a natural    process to look smart and active.

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